Whether using hot wax, warm wax or lycon wax, we use the best waxing techniques at Preen, to make sure your experience is quick and painless – with flawless results.


Eyebrow wax

Whip your brows into shape in a flash. Our therapists know the brow shape to suit each client’s face for brows on fleek – every time!


Lip wax

Make your ‘tashe a thing of the past with our super speedy lip wax. Using the gentlest methods to be kinder to your skin, while still guaranteeing to make your upper lip a fuzz free zone.


A low temperature hot wax on these sensitive facial areas will cause minimum redness and remove all unwanted hair – plus, hair will appear thinner with every treatment!

Nostril wax

Removing excess nose hair is quick and painless using short sticks dipped in wax.

Underarm wax

You’ll never have to deal with the shadow you get from shaving – once you’ve moved to underarm waxing you won’t go back.

arm wax

Shaving your arms will only ever make hair grow back thicker and darker. At Preen we can remove hair as short as 2mm, ranging from the elbow right down to the hands and fingers.


Half leg

You’ll be strutting out of the salon with legs as smooth as silk with a half leg wax. We focus on everything from the knee down to tackle what is often the thickest and darkest leg hair.


Enjoy a stubble-free feeling from your thigh to your toes with our full leg wax. Removing hair right from the root, you can enjoy a longer lasting sheen that you’ll ever get from shaving.


If you want to neaten up your bikini line in time for swimsuit season, pull up a chair. We use a hot wax to open pores and cause minimum pain to front and back areas that briefs don’t cover up.


Our ‘all off’ Hollywood removed all hear form the front and back for the perfectly smooth finish across your intimate region.


The Brazilian wax removes everything form the intimate areas, sides and top of the bikini area, and leaves you with a ‘landing strip’.

Male waxing available


We offer male waxing including intimate waxing suitable for all males including body builders.


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