Here's What You Didn't Know About Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Have you ever had a small issue that could be easily changed, but the thought of surgery is too expensive and way too much of a big deal for a small bump? Sit down girl and let me spill the tea on my experience with the two different methods of the non-surgical nose job.

Non surgical rhinoplasty results

Non-surgical rhinoplasty before and after picture via/ @PreenYourself

After years of hating my side profile because of a small bump that I have from fracturing my nose, I decided to go down the non-surgical route. What exactly is non-surgical rhinoplasty you ask? It’s a medical procedure where dermal fillers are used to re-shape a person’s nose offering a cheaper non-invasive alternative to surgery, and a cheaper alternative is always a plus.

Needle Method

My first experience with non-surgical rhinoplasty wasn’t the best, I’d looked into injectable nose fillers but hadn’t done any research into different methods of treatment. The aesthetic practitioner, who wasn’t the most reassuring, cleansed the area and injected fillers at three points of my nose; an injection at the top, at the bridge where the fracture is, and the final injection at the tip of my nose, which let me say wasn’t the most comfortable area to have an injection. After the filler was manoeuvred into desired shape, the bridge of my nose swelled and came out in a horrible bruise, I was then given an ice pack to minimise this and sent on my way, without any instructions of aftercare, fab.

Side Effects

The results were amazing but due to excessive bruising and swelling, I had to wait well over a week to be able to see them properly. I had to either avoid leaving the house or cake my nose in concealer, which didn’t even hide the deep purple bruise, why wasn’t colour correction concealer a thing back then???? The product didn’t feel like it lasted very long, I’d say I had my bumpy nose back after a few months.

needle rhinoplasty

3 days after - still swollen and bruised


Cannula Method

In search for something similar to non-surgical rhinoplasty but without it looking like I’ve been punched in the face for a week, I came across the cannula (blunt needle) method. Hailed to be more effective by minimising trauma and swelling with only one entry point, I was sold.

Prior to my treatment I had a full consultation with Preen’s aesthetic practitioner Beckie, I was then injected with Lidocaine at three points of my nose, this numbed the area completely which meant I couldn’t feel anything after this point. One needle entry was made at the tip of my nose and a blunt cannula needle was inserted, the filler was pushed out and contoured the same time as the cannula was being pulled out. I felt completely relaxed and reassured through-out, I couldn’t feel anything just a little bit of pressure and pulling at times, the procedure this time round felt a lot more professional and straight-forward than my first experience.

Side Effects

I left Preen expecting a big bruise to develop but nope, just the tiniest bit of swelling, I was able to go back to work and I even went out the same night. It felt a little bit tender but I was able to see the effects straight away and they were amaze, I absolutely loved my straighter nose. The only thing I was instructed to do differently was to not to touch my nose, which didn’t really bother me.

I was so Impressed with my overall cannula experience and I now don’t cringe at my side profile anymore. I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of having non-surgical rhinoplasty. Overall I feel like the cannula method helped me so much in terms of levelling out the bump, without lingering bruising. With this method I was advised that there still can be bruising and swelling but through my experience, the trauma to my nose was nowhere near as bad as when I had the procedure the first time round.

cannula method rhinoplasty

Same day - no bruising, very minimal swelling


This treatment lasts around 12 months and is definitely a route to go down if you don’t want the costly experience of surgery. The moral of the story is, everyone is different so do your research into what method is better for you, never make a hasty decision on your appearance. Make sure you visit an aesthetic practitioner who has had heaps of experience, holds a thorough consultation beforehand and can show you a full portfolio of work to look at.

Written by Chloe Millward