7 Beauty Trends We Need To Leave in 2017

We’ve seen some bizarre beauty trends this year; some we love others are, debatable. Nose hair extensions to squiggle eyebrows let us all unite and say “bye Felicia”.



1. Nose hair extensions

If you wanted to completely repulse everyone around you, get yourself some fake eyelashes and stick them around your nostrils, it’s a trend we promise.

sophiehannahrichardson / Via instagram.com


Beauty bloggers around the world re-created user @gret_chen_chen look and made it into an instant online trend. We're all for experimenting but this is one step too far, beauty bloggers please let this trend rest in peace.


2. Squiggle eyebrows

It’s been a pretty weird year overall so why not throw squiggle brows into the mix.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 21.14.44.png

promisetamang/ Via instagram.com

In August beauty bloggers glued their eyebrows, covered them with concealer and drew them back on wavy, because why not? Is this Photoshop? Is this real life? There are so many answers we will never know and we don’t want to anymore, make it stop!


3. Feathered eyebrows

The year of bushy brows peaked when feathered brows were introduced.


stella.s.makeup/ Via Instagram.com

This surprising makeup trend was created by stella.s.makeup using a glue stick to part her ‘brow.

I can't lie I think that some of the re-creations are quite pretty, but would we ever wear this look outside of Instagram? Nope.


4. Braided brows

Let’s not forget when braided ‘brows were a thing.


erosmua /Via Instagram.com

This look is not for those of us who can’t use photoshop and are recovering from years of over-plucking, we could only wish our brows were this thick enough.

Ladies we need to leave our ‘brows alone.


5. Squiggle lips

Who decided that squiggle eyebrows weren’t enough?!

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 21.22.11.png

pr_fashionista_diva / Via Instagram.com

Blogger @looks_by_lexington started this unexpected trend, by uploading a facetuned picture of her lips captioning “New Trend Alert” and as bad trends go, it hit off.

If you were curious enough to try squiggle lips, it’s easily done with some concealer and a lot of lip liner, but for us, we will pass.


6. Lollipop lips

There are honestly no words.

“Lollipop lipstick looks like the grubby kid at school with the raw skin around their mouth who sneezes on kids and plays in the dirt” @alexarose730
Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 21.23.45.png

Maccosmetics/ Via. Instagram.com

Let’s be real, just because this was created by the make-up geniuses at MAC, this is not a trend people. Smudged lips will always be considered a faux pas.


7. Wet hair

Wet hair was popular this year amongst models and celebrities, because let’s be honest only they can pull this daring look off.

kylie jenner.jpg

Kylie Jenner brought Kim K’s iconic VMA's 2016 look back with a short crop early this year at New York fashion week, and designers have loved it ever since. Sorry Ky, but we’re not ready to jump on this trend bandwagon just yet.

Written by Chloe Millward